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Go beyond traditional networking. Forge meaningful connections that drive results for your business or event. Start connecting now!

Effortless automatic accounts

Say goodbye to the usual account creation hassles. We've pre-made accounts for you as an attendee, so all you need is to click a one-time login link—no more passwords to remember. Enjoy instant access to our networking platform and make the most of your event experience with ease.

Seamless networking

Unlike other solutions, Exponaut Matchmaking is the new epitome when it comes commitment to user experience and efficiency. We've crafted it with an unwavering focus on elegant simplicity, ensuring that every interaction is meaningful, free from distractions, and optimized for lightning-fast onboarding and effortless use. Compared to other solutions Matchmaking was created keeping elegant simplicity as one of the corner stones - only what matters, no noise, concluding with fast onboarding and ease of use.

Features for your

event to thrive

Automated Matches

Experience the simplicity of our cutting-edge networking process. Matchmaking will automatically connect you with the individuals you are seeking to meet. Interest settings are your playground - make the most out of it by updating it at any time.

Dynamic Tables

Unlock a world of valuable connections, right at your fingertips. Simply initiate meetings to expand your network effortlessly. Our system will automatically allocate a dedicated meeting table for you and your meeting partner.

1:1 Video Calls

Engage in meaningful face-to-face conversations from anywhere you are. Networking has no boundaries when it comes to location, time and the amount. You can decide!

After Event Networking

Extending the length of the event online will empower you as an attendee to maximize the value from your networking effort. Connections made during the event remain accessible, making it easy to foster ongoing communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Experience Matchmaking

Interested in using Matchmaking at your event but want to test the platform before? We understand and we have created a test event for you to look around and test the platform.

Scan & Connect

Enhance networking experience at events without the need for business cards. It takes just a scan from the QR code on the event badge and you are ready to save other attendee contact information, schedule meetings and much more.

Live Expert

Ensure your attendees have real-time personalized assistance whenever they need it. A human expert is readily available via chat to guide and ensure that everyone is confidently getting the maximum out of their networking experience.


Sometimes, a simple "Hello" is all it takes. With our chat functionality, you can effortlessly initiate conversations and establish personal connections with people.


With just a tap, you can mark and save the profiles of attendees that catch your eye. It's the perfect way to keep track of everyone you would like to connect with. Best of all, you can export favourited contacts later and keep all valuable connections made during the event.

A Complete Event Solution that Fits Your Needs

An all-in-one event management software for organizing inspiring and engaging in-person, hybrid or virtual events.

Engage and Network

In-person events

Elevate your in-person networking event experience with our AI-powered profile recommender, personalized agenda builder, mobile event app, check-in app, and more. Create an efficient and engaging networking event that builds collaboration.

Engage Your Audience

Hybrid events

Combine the excitement of in-person events and the global reach of virtual events by organizing engaging and unforgettable hybrid events without geographical limitations. Simple event setup. AI-driven, intuitive matchmaking and meeting management.

Follow Up

Virtual Events

Reach a global audience with a highly interactive online networking platform, help participants connect with a fully integrated video meeting solution, and create an immersive event experience every bit as exciting as attending in person.


Get in Touch and Let Us Help Make Your Next Event a Success.


Get in Touch and Let Us Help Make Your Next Event a Success.

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