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AIM Congress

The 13th Annual Investment Meeting

7-9 May 2024

Abu Dhabi, United arab Emirates

Exponaut and AIM Congress: An Unprecedented Opportunity for Estonian Innovators.

Join Exponaut to Explore Future Cities, Startups, and SMEs at AIM Congress 2024!

Exponaut provides exhibitors with continuous exposure at premier tech-focused sustainability events globally, allowing them to engage with international audiences. Exponaut brings together cleantech companies and investors. Exponaut Matchmaking the attendees of business events such as conferences and expos to easily connect based on mutual interest, before, during and after the event.

What AIM Congress offers?

AIM Global Foundation is fully committed to empower the World's Economy by boosting effective Promotion Strategies and facilitating Opportunities for Economic Productivity and Expansion.Being present either physically in the jint booth of EXPONAUT or virtually, opens many opportunities to discuss cooperation.


Early stage venture capital or seed fnding to start a business. Investors and govenments are looking for new projects that are in sustainable and innovatiove development.
New prospects and sources of financing solutions, accaess to karkets worldwide, shocase business ideas.
Future cities:
Enabling governments and investors to encourage innovation that will replace traditional services. Smart city solutions to improve the quality of life.

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