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Are you ready to revolutionize your events and exhibitions? We bring you a cutting-edge Digital Expo Platform that redefines the way you connect, engage, and sell in the virtual world.


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Marketplace Feature


1:1 Video Meetings

Automate your expo!

Host your event on a simple web-environment built for exhibitors. No installation of any application, just use your browser!

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    Unlimited amount of virtual booths

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    Virtual meetings as 1:1 or group

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    Generates exhibitor booths that are SEO friendly

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    Calendar software for inquiries (API)

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    International Networking (events)

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    Interactive features: Chat, Polls, Voting

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    Matchmaking software & breakout rooms

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    Custom API development

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    White-label portals and custom domains

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    Revolutionize Your Event Experience with Exponaut

    Transform your next expo into a groundbreaking event with Exponaut’s Digital Expo Platform. From customizable digital booths to real-time analytics, Exponaut is your partner in hosting successful, memorable, and efficient expos. Let's redefine event engagement together!

    Go Global with Exponaut: Expand Your Local Event’s Horizons

    Embrace the power of Exponaut to catapult your local event onto the global stage. Our platform bridges geographical barriers, transforming your event into an international phenomenon. With features like multi-language support, seamless live streaming, and interactive digital booths, we make your event accessible and engaging for a worldwide audience. Whether attendees are across the street or across oceans, Exponaut ensures everyone is part of the action, fostering a truly global community of engagement and exchange.


    Become an exhibitor

    To embark on your journey the first step is to initiate the process by registering your exhibitor account. Through this account, you gain access to Exponaut platform tools that will empower your business exhibitor path.


    Set up your exhibitor booth

    You are ready to curate and present your business, showcase your products and services. This will all craft a compelling narrative and captivating experience for visitors. By investing time and effort into this process, you'll ensure that your presence at the event is both impactful and memorable.


    Ready to showcase your business

    Now your business is ready to connect with a global audience. With our expertise on your company and Exponaut portal tools, together, we'll make sure your business stands out at multiple events worldwide. Let's make your showcase unforgettable.


    Try it yourself


    Event Organizers and Hosts: This includes professionals or organizations planning and hosting events

    Benefit from features like the Exhibitor Booth Directory, Administrative Ease, SEO Optimized Events, and the Self-Service Portal. These features simplify event organization, enhance online visibility, and provide efficient management tools.


    Exhibitors and Vendors: Companies or individuals showcasing their products or services at events are primary

    Leverage the Marketplace Feature, Exhibitor Booth Visit, Enhanced Profile Presentation, and Content Sharing. Our tools present offerings effectively, attract more visitors, and network efficiently.


    Attendees and Networkers: Includes professionals attending events for networking, learning, or business opportunitie

    Features like 1:1 Video Meetings, interest tags & social media integration. The Calendar Meeting System cater to all needs by facilitating networking, allowing for personal agenda management, and enabling seamless interaction with other participants.


    Tech-Savvy Users: The platform's focus on features like Multilingual Support, Easy Accessibility, AI-Driven Matchmaking

    Device Compatibility indicates a target market that values technology and convenience. Exponaut empowers users who prefer digital solutions for networking and event participation.


    Corporate Clients: Companies search for advanced features like Behavioural Analytics

    Custom Expo Platform Integration, and Communication. These features are designed for entities requiring in-depth insights and integration capabilities for large-scale event management.


    Premium Users: Users who opt for additional services

    Choose from 3D virtual environments, custom website, and on-site support, targeting a market willing to invest more for enhanced features and personalized services.

    A Complete Event Solution that Fits Your Needs

    An all-in-one event management software for organizing inspiring and engaging in-person, hybrid or virtual events.

    Engage and Network

    In-person events

    Elevate your in-person networking event experience with our AI-powered profile recommender, personalized agenda builder, mobile event app, check-in app, and more. Create an efficient and engaging networking event that builds collaboration.

    Engage Your Audience

    Hybrid events

    Combine the excitement of in-person events and the global reach of virtual events by organizing engaging and unforgettable hybrid events without geographical limitations. Simple event setup. AI-driven, intuitive matchmaking and meeting management.

    Follow Up

    Virtual Events

    Reach a global audience with a highly interactive online networking platform, help participants connect with a fully integrated video meeting solution, and create an immersive event experience every bit as exciting as attending in person.


    Get in Touch and Let Us Help Make Your Next Event a Success.

    Onboarding guide videos

    How to register exhibitor account?

    How to fill out your exhibitor booth?

    How to shocase products or services in your exhibitor booth?

    How to shocase products or services in your exhibitor booth?

    How to shocase products or services in your exhibitor booth?

    Stories from around the world


    Tanel Samuel
    Tanel Samuel

    Capital Mill, Partner

    Exponaut platform is a problem solver for many companies that want to quickly introduce their new developments, products, and services to potential customers, but cannot find any reasonable possibility to do that – organizing physical fairs is a time-consuming and resource-intensive venture, and the risk of their cancellation is high. Virtual solutions are flexible, fast and also permanent, because all information remains on the platform.

    Merle Liivand
    Merle Liivand

    EarthDay.org Ambassador

    I wholeheartedly endorse the Exponaut networking platform as a powerful tool in our collective mission to create a sustainable future for our planet. By connecting environmentally conscious individuals, organizations, and businesses, Exponaut enables us to collaborate and amplify our efforts to protect the environment and combat climate change.

    Holger Holland
    Holger Holland

    LDIW.org, Head of Partnerships

    Our Let’s Do It World movement engages millions of volunteers and businesses from 191 countries. Our international conferences, expos, knowledge transfer on circular economy solutions is handled on Exponaut platform, as this enables to store content, engage outside partners, present case studies and sustainable products internationally.

    Risto Hansen
    Risto Hansen

    Head of Tallinn Digital Summit EXPO

    Exponaut has onboarded innovative presenters, products and technical solutions to our prestigous, international event, making our content catchy and rich. As politicians talk often about problems, then we work for presenting solutions to them with entrepreneurs.

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